Carrier Tstatccprh01-b User Manual

2 AUTO CHANGEOVER 20 Setting the mode operation 3 WHAT IF Setting the fan operation.

• SETTING UP THE THERMIDISTAT CONTROL When the MODE button is pressed, the words COOL, OFF, and AUTO will rotate on the display.. GENCY HEAT (EHEAT) mode is also shows current Display shows the shows the temper- included when the Thermidistat room temperature.. • TABLE OF CONTENTS SETTING UP THE THERMIDISTAT CONTROL Vacation feature setup.

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Press the SET HEAT button Setting the desired cooling set point Press the SET COOL button.. • SETTING UP THE THERMIDISTAT CONTROL NOTE: In AUTO mode, your system will Setting the fan operation heat OR cool as needed to reach your temperature settings.. The word HEAT flashes on the display • SETTING UP THE THERMIDISTAT CONTROL Setting the current time Press the UP or DOWN Press the SET TIME button.. Be sure that AM or hour in the spring by simultaneously PM is properly selected. Muat Turun Al Quran Ghamdi Mp3 Download Free Mp3 Download Cherrybelle

NOTE: Your COOL setting must be at least The word TIME flashes on the display • SETTING UP THE THERMIDISTAT CONTROL NOTE: If you live in a Daylight Savings the proper time, press and hold the UP Time area, you may advance the time 1 or DOWN button.

Manual, be alert to the Carrier’s 7-day programmable/non-programmable Thermidistat.. • FAN Button choos- MODE Button selects OFF, HEAT, Room Tempera- *Outdoor Temperature es ON or AUTO fan COOL, or AUTO operation.. Button until the correct cooling set point is displayed Press the END button to exit.. If you have a heat pump, the display will show OFF, HEAT, COOL, AUTO, and EHEAT.. By precisely controlling indoor tempera- tures and humidity levels, our Thermidistat Control keeps you comfortable while conserving energy.. Instructions, responsive push but- By providing both tons and an easy-to-read backlit temperature and humidity control, this sim- LCD display.. 5 The auxiliary heat indicator is displayed 21 • SETTING UP THE THERMIDISTAT CONTROL Setting your temperature set points Setting the desired heating set point Press the END button to exit.. • THERMIDISTAT™ CONTROL Homeowner’s Guide • It maximizes the performance of your Carrier indoor weather system so you can enjoy custom made indoor weather that fits your lifestyle.. 15 Setting your indoor temperature set points 1 Vacation feature operation 19 Setting the current time. 518b7cbc7d